Meteorological anemometer wind speed sensor

WS wind speed sensors adopts traditional three- cup structure. The cups are made from carbon fiber material, with high intensity and good start ability; and the signal processing units, built in the cups, can output the corresponding, It can be widely use in meteorology, marine, environment, airport, harbor, laboratory, industry and agriculture area.  

Products Details

Technique Parameter

Measurement range 0~45m/s 
Accuracy ±(0.3+0.03V)m/s (V: wind speed)
Resolution 0.1m/s
Staring wind speed ≤0.5m/s
Power supply mode DC 5V 
DC 12V 
DC 24V 
Out-put Current: 4~20mA 
Voltage: 0~2.5V 
Pulse:Pulse signal
Voltage: 0~5V    
TTL Level: (frequency; Pulse width)
Instrument Line length Standard: 2.5m
Load capacity Current mode impedance≤600Ω
Voltage mode impedance≥1KΩ
Operating environment Temperature: -40℃~50℃
Humidity: ≤100%RH    
Defend grade IP45
Cable grade Nominal voltage:300V 
Temperature grade:80℃
Produce weight 130 g
Power dissipation 50 mW

Calculation Formula

Impulsive: W =0; (f = 0) W =0.3+0.0877×f(f≠ 0) (W: indicating value of wind speed(m/s); f: pulse signal frequency) Current mode (4~20mA): W = (i-4)×45/16 (W: indicating value of wind speed (m/s); i: current type(4-20mA)) Voltage type(0~5V): W =V/5×45 (W: indicating value of wind speed(m/s) ; V: voltage signal(0-5V)) Voltage type(0~2.5V): W =V/2.5×45 (W: indicating value of wind speed(m/s); V: voltage signal (0-2.5V)

Wiring Method          

There is five-core aviation plug, whose output is at the base of the sensor. The definition of each pin’s corresponding base pin.1. If you have equipped with our company's weather station, please attach the sensor cable to the appropriate connector on the weather station directly. 2. If you purchase the sensor separately, the order of the wires are as followed: R(Red): power + Y(Yellow): signal output G(Green): power — 3. Two ways of wiring method of pulse voltage and current:

wiring method of voltage and current

output of current wiring method

Structure Dimensions Wind speed Sensor

Base mounting dimensions Dimensional drawing of base installation: Installation aperture: 4mm Distribution Diameter: 62.5mm Interface Dimension: 15mm (suggest reserving 25mm for wiring)

Transmitter Size   

RS485 (with address) communication protocol 

1. Serial format 8 data bits 1 stop bit Parity None Baud rate 9600,Two communication interval of at least 1000ms 2. The communication format [1] Is written to the device address Send: 00 10 00 AA (16 hexadecimal data) Description: 00 - broadcast address (must be 0); 10 - Write operation (fixed); 00 - Address command (fixed); AA - write the new address (only,1-255) Returns: OK (OK return success) [2] To read the device address Sent: 00 03 00 (hexadecimal data) Description: 00 - broadcast address (must be 0); 03 - Read operation (fixed); 00 - Address command (fixed) Returns: Address = XXX (ASCII code data, such as Address = 001, Address = 123, etc.) Description: Address - address instructions; XXX - address data, less than three integer preceded 0 [1] Which units followed with a carriage return wrap data, two-byte hexadecimal data 0x0D 0x0A; [2] The above description ignores transition spaces and '=' character. [3] Read real-time data Send: AA 03 0F (16 decimal data) Description: AA - Device address (only 1-255); 03 - read operation (fixed); 0F - data address (fixed) Back: WS = XX.Xm/s (ASCII code data, such as WS =12.3m/s, WS = 00.5m/s) Description: WS – Wind speed; XX.X – wind speed data, bring a decimal less than two integers, the leading zeros  m/s - units [1] Which units followed with a carriage return wrap data, two-byte hexadecimal data 0x0D 0x0A; [2] The above description ignores transition spaces and '=' character.


1. Please examine whether the package is intact or not please, and check whether the product is consistent with your selected type. 2. Be sure no power is applied before you ensure the wiring connection is errorless. 3. No alteration to factory-set components or cables. 4. Sensor is an accurate instrument. Do not separate, damage the interface of the sensor with sharp solid and corrosive liquid. 5. Please save the verification certification and Certificate of approval which may return to repair with the products.


1. If anemometer bearing is not rotating well or have a big delay. It may because the long-term use lead to foreign matters in the bearings or weather there is any remained lubricating oil. Please inject the oil from the upside of bearings or post the sensors to our company to oiling. 2. If the indicated value is 0 or out of range when use analog output. It may be cause by cable connections. Please check weather the cable connections are correct and fastness. 3. If not the above reasons, please contact with us.

Selection Table

No Power supply Output Signal Instructions
LF-0001     wind speed sensors (transmitters)
  5V-   5Vpower supply
12V-   12Vpower supply
24V-   24Vpower supply
YV-   Other power supply
  V 0-5V
V1 1-5V
V2 0-2.5V
A1 4-20mA
A2 0-20mA
W1 RS232
W2 RS485
M pulse
X other
E.g. LF-0001-5V-M: wind speed sensorstransmitters5Vpower supply, output of pulse

Appendix: Wind force (wind velocity) Scale

Scale Description Land conditions Wind speed m/s
0 Calm Calm. Smoke rises vertically. 00.2
1 Light air Smoke drift indicates wind direction, still wind vanes. 0315
2 Light breeze Wind felt on exposed skin. Leaves rustle, vanes begin to move. 1633
3 Gentle breeze Leaves and small twigs constantly moving, light flags extended. 3454
4 Moderate Dust and loose paper raised. Small branches begin to move. 5579
5 Fresh breeze Branches of a moderate size move. Small trees in leaf begin to sway. 80107
6 Strong breeze Large branches in motion. Whistling heard in overhead wires. Umbrella use becomes difficult. Empty plastic garbage cans tip over. 10813.8
7 Moderate gale Whole trees in motion. Effort needed to walk against the wind. 13917l
8 Gale Some twigs broken from trees. Cars veer on road. Progress on foot is seriously impeded. 172207
9 Strong gale Some branches break off trees, and some small trees blow over. Construction/temporary signs and barricades blow over. 208244
10 Storm Trees are broken off or uprooted, saplings bent and deformed. Poorly attached asphalt shingles and shingles in poor condition peel off roofs. 245284
11 Violent storm Widespread damage to vegetation. Many roofing surfaces are damaged; asphalt tiles that have curled up and/or fractured due to age may break away completely. 285326
12 Hurricane-force Very widespread damage to vegetation. Some windows may break; mobile homes and poorly constructed sheds and barns are damaged. Debris may be hurled about. >32.6

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