Portable Handheld Weather Station

◆Handheld weather station is a portable meteorological observation instrument that is convenient to carry, easy to operate, and integrates many meteorological elements. ◆The system uses precision sensors and smart chips to accurately measure the five meteorological elements of wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity. ◆The built-in large-capacity FLASH memory chip can store meteorological data for at least one year. ◆Universal USB communication interface, using the matching USB cable, you can download the data to the computer, which is convenient for users to further analyze and analyze the meteorological data. ◆This instrument can be widely used in the fields of meteorology, environmental protection, airport, agriculture, forestry, hydrology, military, storage, scientific research and other fields.

Products Details


Installation and use

Meteorological parameter

Measurement elements Measuring range Precision Resolution Unit
Wind speed 0~45 ±0.3 0.1 m/s
Wind direction 0~360 ±3 1 °
Atmospheric temperature -50~80 ±0.3 0.1 °C
Relative humidity 0~100 ±5 0.1 %RH
Atmospheric pressure 10~1100 ±0.3 0.1 hPa
Power supply 3 AA batteries
Communication USB
Store 40,000 pieces of data
Host size 160mm*70mm*28mm
Overall size 405mm*100mm*100mm
Weight About 0.5KG
Working environment -20°C~80°C5%RH~95%RH

1 Installation of the sensor

When the product leaves the factory, the sensor and the instrument have been assembled as a whole, and the user can use it directly. Do not disassemble it at random, otherwise it may cause abnormal operation.

 2 Battery installation

Open the battery compartment cover on the back of the instrument and install the 3 batteries in the battery compartment in the correct direction; after installation, close the battery compartment cover.

 3 Key Function Settings


Function description

Modify parameter key: Preset value parameter value plus 1
Modify parameter key: preset value parameter value minus 1
SET Function switch key: Use this key to enter the "Time setting", "Local address", "Storage interval", "Language setting", "Parameter reset" setting interface; the next page. It can also be used to switch the current operable parameters.Note: After all parameters have been modified, the modified parameters will take effect when switching to the main interface.
ON/OFF Power switch

Technical indicators 

◆ 128 * 64 large-screen LCD displays temperature, humidity, wind speed, average wind speed, maximum wind speed, wind direction, and air pressure value; ◆ Large-capacity data storage, can store up to 40960 weather data (data recording interval can be set between 1 ~ 240 minutes); ◆ Universal USB communication interface for easy data download; ◆ Only need 3 AA batteries: low power consumption design, long standby time; ◆ The system language can be switched between Chinese and English; ◆ Scientific and reasonable structural design, easy to carry.

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